I am a mom, I am an athlete, I am a doctor. My college background includes an Exercise and Sport Science degree and four exciting years of NCAA Division 1 rowing in the PAC 10 (that ages me, it's now the PAC 12). After college, I became a personal trainer and spin instructor.

I decided to go back to school and become a podiatrist. This led me through to the midwest for four years of podiatric medical school in Chicago and three years of surgical residency training in Indiana. During this time, working out was sporadic. I did a few half marathons and would end up hurt and have to stop running for a long time. I moved back to the west coast to practice podiatry. We did P90X before our wedding and were in great shape.

I became a mom of two wonderful little humans who bring me joy every day. They also test my limits most days. I worked for a small practice for almost eight years. I decided to open a new practice with a another podiatrist who is also a mom. I can now practice and teach people about foot health and foot strength and help to get them out of foot pain. I treat athletes, kids, aging patients and anyone in between with a foot or ankle problem. I started seriously strength training and am now pursuing powerlifting. I still have a love-hate relationship with my rowing machine.

I try to find balance in work, mothering, and training. It's a constant juggle and I don't always end up on top. Follow me on my adventure through feet, lifting, and mom life!