Living that Kettlebell life!

As nuts as this may sound, I have started to love kettlebell training.  I love that with a kettlebell swing, you are working your whole body and increasing strength as well as getting cardio in.  You can do so many exercises with a kettlebell. 

Tim Ferris got me hooked.  He uses kettlebell swings as a training tool.  His Four Hour Body book is pretty interesting if you haven’t seen it yet.  I have taken kettlebell classes at a local kettlebell gym and used them in HIIT training as well.

If you are going to start using kettlebells, I recommend working with a trainer or at least watching some videos for proper form. Here are some good kettlebells.

The Tactical Strength Challenge takes kettlebells to the next level.  You perform max deadlift, strict pull ups or flexed arm hang, and one arm kettlebell snatches for 5 minutes.  I have done the challenge twice at the women’s novice level, which is the flexed arm hang and snatches with a 12 kg kettlebell.  I plan to move up to women’s open division which is max deadlift, bodyweight pull-ups, and snatches with 16 kg kettlebell.

Here is a link for the challenge if you are up for it!

TSC Rules.