Piggyback Workout

We recently took a vacation to a small town in the mountains, and there was no place to work out. The town was so small that there were no stop lights, let alone drop in gyms. With no place to deadlift or bench, I considered attending a local outdoor yoga class, but it didn’t fit into our schedule that week.

We decided that it was important to us to workout while we were on vacation. We have little ones that can do a small hike but that is about it. Running out of options, we created our own workout and had fun doing it.

We found the city park and let the kids play at the playground. We did four rounds of sprints across the width of the park and back, pushups, jump squats, and pullups on the monkey bars. When the kids got bored, we ran one way with them and piggybacks on the way back… weighted sprints! We all had fun and got a good workout in. We went twice during the five day vacation.

No matter the roadblocks, you can make workouts happen. Bring your shoes, get creative, and get out there. It helps to have a partner that is motivating and willing to think outside the box. Bonus: You can drink and eat a little more if you know your workout is over for the day!